Motor Vehicle Accident/Personal Injury

 How does insurance work in a car accident?

If you are at fault, we will check your auto policy to see if you have medical coverage on your plan. If the other party is at fault your treatment will be covered by their auto insurance. Be sure to call the police after the accident and get the drivers names and insurance information from the police before you leave.

Do I need an attorney?

An attorney is not required for most cases. When there is a claim started a representative at the insurance company is the manager over your case. We work with this representative to process your billing. If the insurance company is fighting the case or there is debate over who is at fault, it is wise to hire an attorney. We have attorneys we can recommend if you need.

How soon should I come in after the accident?

In most cases you should come in the same day. If the accident is severe, you may need to go to the hospital and seek care first. We can take x-rays in office and determine if any bones are broken and evaluate if you are ready for treatment.