Massage Therapy & Common Questions

How does the process work?

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We offer 30 and 60 minute massages. This includes change time, so expect the massage therapist to get you into the room quickly and end the session a couple minutes early to allow you to change again once the session is done. The massage therapist will likely ask you before the massage what you want to work on. All of our massage therapists are highly trained and prepared. Since they do differ on pressure, remember to speak with the front desk to schedule with someone who would meet your needs. Please inform the massage therapist at any time if you need more or less pressure or are uncomfortable for any reason. After the massage is over, you then move to the adjusting area for your adjustment.

What do I wear?

We advise to undress to your comfort level. For some this is leaving shorts or a shirt on. For others this means your entire neck, back and gluts are exposed for treatment. When you change, you should start face down, with the top sheet covering your back. Your massage therapist will do their best to keep areas covered that are not being treated.

Do I need to tip?

Most patients do tip. We don’t ask for tips but they are appreciated by the massage therapists. They can be paid in cash directly to the massage therapist or they can be paid on the credit card machine at the front desk.